Get Ready: Active Commute Week Coming Up

Jun 12, 2019

Active Commute Week Starts June 17th

The city’s wide variety of mobility options take center stage next week during Grand Rapids Active Commute week.  Residents will be walking, riding and rolling around town.

We are thrilled t be kicking it off this year, we’re hoping for our biggest year yet.”

That’s Amanda Moore, Communications Manager for Mobile G.R. and the Chair of the Active Commute Week Committee.  And she’s talking about the kick off for Active Commute Week in Grand Rapids, which starts Monday.

The Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition, the City of Grand Rapids and West Michigan Rideshare (among other partners), are encouraging people to walk, bike or use public transportation.  And pretty much any commute counts.

“And it’s not just necessarily just your work trips.  We understand that occasionally that people’s life circumstances don’t allow for the commute from home to work.  But there’s a lot of smaller trips we tend to look over, from going to the library, or going to the park or corner grocery store.  Where instead of driving that two-minute drive, we could actually be walking, biking and spend the time with our neighbors.”

Experts say the benefits of active transportation are endless. 

For individuals, an active commute can improve their physical and mental health. On a community level, active commuting can help our environment.  Not to mention, this week can open the door for totally new opportunities for some.

Moore says it’s an annual event, now in its 9th year.  She adds there are lots of prizes, that can be won throughout the week.

You can log your use of active transportation once you’re registered.  There’s also a hashtag competition.  To register and get all the details, just go