FRONTLINE Presents "Left Behind America"

Sep 11, 2018


Tuesday, September 11th at 10 o’clock, WGVU Public Television and PBS FRONTLINE presents “Left Behind America”.

“It really is very representative of a whole swath of small and midsized cities across the Midwest.”

ProPublica reporter Alec MacGillis found himself in Dayton, Ohio during the 2016 Presidential campaign.

“To me the film is overall it’s about Dayton, but underlying that is this problem we have now where we have these huge gaps opening up between what are now our new prosperous cities, our new hyper-prosperous cities, places like the Bay Area and Boston and D.C. and Seattle and New York and other cities, and those gaps have just gotten way bigger than they used to be. We’ve always had richer, less rich cities, but the gaps now between the hyper-prosperous cities and others are just astonishingly large.”

Tuesday, September 11th at 10 o’clock on WGVU Public Television.