Former U.S. Secretary of Energy offers debate viewing suggestion

Sep 26, 2016

Bill Richardson, former U.S. Secretary of Energy and New Mexico Governor
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Business leaders are gathering in downtown Grand Rapids for the West Michigan Policy Forum. Before Monday evening’s first presidential debate, WMPA will hold its own debate between former Republican Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, and former Democratic New Mexico Governor and U.S. Secretary of Energy, Bill Richardson.

During a visit to WGVU’s TV studios today, we asked Richardson what voters should listen for during tonight’s debate between Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump?

“They should look at what the vision for the country policy solutions are each candidate. You know, Donald Trump is a performer. He’s a reality star. He’s going to have the glitz. But I think when they look at Hillary Clinton I think evaluate this; who is going to be a better Commander in Chief? Who’s on the side of working families? And then thirdly, who can be presidential? This is a very important job that is probably, at this time in our history, there are so many divisive issues. Who’s going to break the dysfunctionality of our government that can’t get along and can’t get anything done? And that’s what I think people tuning in should be watching and seeing rather than the glitz and the best lines and, you know, whatever Trump is going to try to do to disrupt the debate.”

Live NPR and PBS News Hour coverage of the first Presidential Debate begins at 9 PM on WGVU-FM and WGVU-HD.