FOIA lawsuit against Schuette will be heard by Michigan Supreme Court

Mar 20, 2019

Former Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette

A lawsuit against former Attorney General Bill Schuette will be decided by the highest court in Michigan.

Several years ago, Progress Michigan started what would become a years long court battle with then-attorney general Bill Schuette. The case is over whether Schuette and members of his office used private emails for public business.

       Now the Michigan Supreme Court will decide if the attorney general’s office needs to do a review of all personal emails from Schuette’s time in office and turn over any that involve state business.

       Lonnie Scott is the executive director of Progress Michigan.

“Essentially they’re going to review all of the roadblocks that Bill Schuette put up to releasing those records.”

Schuette’s office continually denied that any documents exist showing employees used private emails for state business.