Employment Scams Top The List Of Riskiest Scams In 2018

Mar 14, 2019

Employment scams were the “riskiest” scams in 2018.  That from the Better Business Bureau of Western Michigan.  It’s most recent report shows employment scams had more instances and higher losses than in previous years. 

“This report takes how likely are you to fall for it and how much money are  you going to lose and combines data into one report and shows what’s the riskiest scam out there and for 2018 it was employment scams.”

That’s Troy Baker, Communication Manager for the Better Business Bureau, serving Western Michigan.

The latest report from the Better Business Bureau is based on data supplied by consumers to the Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker and is also based on the BBB Risk Index, where employment scams of different types have taken the top spot.

“So, some employment scams are just looking for you to give them your information. Others are looking for money.”

While employment topped the list of the riskiest scams of 2018 – others on that list, include online purchases, fake checks/money orders, home improvement, advance fee loans and romance among others.

The report also shows that teens are now the mostly likely to lose money to scammers and that seniors are now the least likely.  However, when seniors do lose money they lost the most of any age group.

Baker says to avoid being part of a scam, do your research before you give out personal information. And you can always report to the Scam Tracker at BBB.org.