Democratic lawmakers continue call for PFAS hearings, legislation

Sep 4, 2018

   The state Legislature is back this week and Democrats want to see action on protecting people from chemicals in its groundwater.

PFAS is a family of chemicals that’s been used in things like fire-fighting foam. It’s been found in the groundwater of communities all across the state.

   Democrats say the Legislature isn’t doing enough to fight PFAS. Although the state put 23 million dollars toward the problem.

   Representative Christine Greig says oversight hearings about PFAS are crucial.

“There is so much information out there, but yet we’re only hearing about it in bits and parts. The entire public needs to know about this, needs to know what the current science is, what some of the potential solutions are.”


   Democrats also called for movement of legislation they introduced last December. It would tighten drinking water standards for PFAS and related chemicals.