Decision 2018 Primary Election Coverage: Bradley Slagh

Jul 19, 2018

Bradley Slagh is a Hope College graduate, private banker and the current Treasurer of Ottawa County. He says his experience in both the private sector and in public service makes him uniquely qualified to be the next State Representative in Michigan’s 90th District.

“Well I have learned multiple leadership traits while serving in the banking and local government aspect. But stewardship; the care of something that is not necessarily your own is what I do best. Three of the endorsements that only I have received in this race underscore my fit for representing this district. One is Right to Life, second is the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce, the third being the Farm and Bureau. Those three represent much of the fabric of the communities that make up the 90th District. Please vote for me, Bradley Slagh, August 7th.

Slagh will go head to head with Republican Orlando Estrada  in the August 7th primary. Democrat Christopher Banks is running unopposed and has guaranteed a spot in the November general election