Decision 2018: Gubernatorial primary candidate Republican Patrick Colbeck

Jul 26, 2018

Patrick Colbeck

WGVU’s Decision 2018 continues the countdown to the August 7th primary profiling the gubernatorial candidates. WGVU asks Republican Patrick Colbeck three questions.

Q: What is your plan for expanding the state’s economy?

A: “It’s broad-based economic development that lowers the total cost of business operations by lowering the cost of government, health care and energy.”

Q: How would you improve the state’s educational outcomes?

A: “Eliminate Common Core standards and get the parents, students and teachers back in charge of education.”

Q: When it comes to infrastructure there are polls that suggest Michigan voters are in favor of improving the state’s infrastructure. What is your plan? What is your priority list?

A: “We don’t need to increase funding for the roads. What we need to do is fix them right the first time. We need to focus on quality and upgrading our roads to longer-lasting pavement.”