COVID-19 cases trending higher in Kent County

Jun 26, 2020

Novel coronavirus
Credit PBS

The daily U.S. count of new coronavirus cases stood near an all-time high Thursday. It's hovering close to the late-April peak when 36,400 were reported. The Kent County Health Department is watching with concern after a jump in cases reported Thursday.

In early May, Kent County experienced its COVID-19 outbreak peak with161 cases reported on average each day. Between may 2nd and June 10th cases declined to an average of 26 new cases.

“However, two weeks later between June 10th and June 24th we’re still averaging in the 20s day-over-day with new cases. So, we have seen that downward trend slow down, or kind of flatline now, with new cases day-over-day. So, that’s a bit of a concern.”

A concern as Dr. Adam London, Director of the Kent County Health Department, sees the number of new cases spiking in other states – and here where the number of new cases reported Thursday increased to 37.

“We do need to recognize that we’re not through with this. It’s not through with us either. And we are in a weak position. We’re in a position where this could have a resurgence if we’re not careful.”

Dr. London says it comes down to social distancing as the primary tool of dealing with COVID-19 and the use of masks.

I’m Patrick Center.