Commission would help guide Michigan infrastructure spending

Mar 10, 2016

Credit Uncl3dad via Wikimedia | Public Domain image /

A new commission would make recommendations on how Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's proposed $165 million for infrastructure fixes might be spent.

Snyder signed an executive order Thursday to create the 21st Century Infrastructure Commission.

His office says that if the Legislature approves his budget proposal, the commission would help determine how some money is spent on transportation, water, sewer, energy, and communications infrastructure.

Snyder announced plans to create the commission during his State of the State address in January.

It comes as Flint faces an ongoing crisis with lead-tainted water that's tied to old pipes.

Snyder's office says the 27-member commission is made up of business, government, nonprofit and philanthropic experts, and that the commission will help identify priority projects to help "modernize" Michigan's roads, pipes, sewer and communication systems.