Clock ticking for state to finalize November ballot

Aug 24, 2018

There’s only a couple weeks left before the state needs to have all the language ready for the November ballot.

   There are still several ballot proposals that haven’t been finalized.

There are at least three ballot proposals that need to be sorted out. One hasn’t even been certified yet – and could face lawsuits and challenges before it can get to the ballot. Two others face a possible vote by the state Legislature – and one of those could still be defeated by the state Supreme Court.

   The expectation is that all of this will be worked out by September 7th.

Sally Williams is the Director of Elections. She says having deadlines looming and late challenges to proposals isn’t unique.

“The volume is…is a challenge.”

   The Board of State Canvassers plans to meet next week to finalize language for a measure that WILL be on the ballot – that’s the proposal to change how the state draws its district lines.