Changes coming for LSAT tests and blind examinees

Oct 8, 2019

Credit wiki-commons

There are big changes ahead for the Law School Admission Test, thanks to a lawsuit filed by a Michigan man.

The Law School Admission Council has agreed to completely overhaul a portion of the exam so that people who are visually impaired can take it.

Jason Turkish is an attorney for plaintiff Angelo Binno. Binno filed the lawsuit when he couldn’t complete the so-called Logic Games section. For that portion, a majority of test takers have to draw pictures . Turkish says that’s something that Binno isn’t able to do.

“And that’s unfair. And that’s why this settlement means so much because that practice is coming to an end.”

       Binno and a co-plaintiff will work with the council on the changes. The new section will likely be used in 48 months.