Budget discussions resume at Capitol

Oct 10, 2019

Michigan State House Speaker Lee Chatfield
Credit housegop.gov

Another day, another talk between Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the Legislature’s GOP leaders. They are still looking for a way to walk back the governor’s line-item vetoes.

This is the way it’s been now for 10 days, since the governor tried to use her veto power to break a logjam.
                Descriptions of this latest sit-down were couched in neutral language that could indicate actual progress or continued stalemate. Here’s House Speaker Lee Chatfield.

“We had a productive conversation with the governor and we look forward to continuing the conversation on Tuesday.”

       That’s when Republican leaders and the governor are supposed to meet next. Governor Whitmer says she also hopes to find a deal quickly and provide some reassurances for human services providers, and charter schools, among others, as well as the people they serve.