Bipartisan bills would change state’s cash bail laws

Mar 13, 2019

Lawmakers at the state Capitol say people shouldn’t be in jail just because they’re too poor to pay their bail.

Bipartisan bills were introduced today in the state House and Senate.

Cash-bail would not be outlawed. But the bills would require that judges first consider a non-cash bail.

Judges would have to release a defendant on a so-called personal recognizance bond unless the person is a danger or a flight risk. If that’s the case, the judge would have to look at multiple factors when deciding the cash bail amount.

DJ Hilson is the president of the Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan. The group is in favor of the legislation.

“You know ultimately we, as prosecutors, don’t want people in jail that don’t need to be in jail.”

Another bill would get rid of the requirement that people arrested for failing to pay child support pay some money or sit in jail before seeing a judge.