BBB: Secure Your I.D.

Apr 26, 2019

BBB: Free Shredding Event
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The Better Business Bureau serving Western Michigan wants to make sure you protect your identification.  They’re sponsoring a free “shred day” tomorrow.  This is one of several BBB “Secure Your ID Day” events being held across the country. 

“It’s critical to make sure that all of your information year round is safeguarded and shredding is the best way to do that.”

Troy Baker, Communications Manager for the Better Business Bureau Serving Western Michigan says they’re hosting a “Secure Your ID Day” as part of events being held across the country by the BBB.

It’s an annual, free shred day taking place at Calvary Church in Grand Rapids on the Beltline.  It runs Saturday, from noon until 2pm.  The event encourages consumers to securely get rid of old documents that contain sensitive information-from cancelled checks to bank statements.

“Your name, your birthdate, your social security number, your kids information, your spouse’s information, this is really something you want to keep track of and keep safe.  So shredding it is always the best way to keep it safe and from falling into someone else’s hands.”

Baker also adds that while some may be a bit leery about giving their boxes of personal information up, residents can rest assured it is safe to shred.

“It saves people money and gives them an opportunity to get it shredded in a place that you know is going to be safe and secure. And you know the company that is doing it. The company we’re using is Advance Document Destruction. They are an accredited business, have been for a long time. They’re one of the businesses, they promise to do things the right way, uphold our standards.”

In preparation for this event, the BBB has prepared several tips to help consumers protect their identity on an ongoing basis, including shredding outdated documents with personal information, checking your credit reports regularly for unauthorized inquiries and accounts use strong passwords online, resisting the urge to use birthdays or social security numbers in your password.