After community feedback, GRPD releases an extended version of their Youth Interaction Policy

Dec 5, 2018

Credit Grand Rapids Police Department

It’s been several months since the Grand Rapids Police Department released a policy on how officers should interact with children and youth. 

Since its’ release in march, four other incidents occurred where young African American children were handcuffed and held at gunpoint by GRPD. 

This week, GRPD released an extended version of the policy.  

“Its consistent with the previous policy but we strengthened it. Strengthened the definition, we strengthened the guidelines in terms of empowering officers to use their discretion and judgement.” 

That’s Chief of Police David Rahinsky. The updated policy comes a little over a month after, GR’S City Manager, Mark Washington made a commitment to the community to improve GRPD’s youth interaction policy. 

Michelle Jokisch Polo WGVU News.