2nd confimred COVID-19 case in Muskegon, 48 cases pending

Mar 24, 2020

Credit Michigan.gov


A second COVID-19 case has been confirmed in Muskegon in as many days, as Muskegon County officials say it’s the second presumptive positive case for the coronavirus disease after the Health Department announced the first on Monday. According to a press release, the second case involves a woman with a history of international travel, but other than that, the county is not releasing other details including her age or her physical condition.

Muskegon County Health Officer Kathy Moore told media outlets Monday it was never a matter of if--but when--the coronavirus would make its way to the lakeshore.

“The Muskegon community, including Public Health, had been anticipating and expecting the confirmation of the novel coronavirus, COVI-19 in the community,” Moore said. “The patient is an adult female, she is isolated at home, Public Health is continuing to investigate close contacts, they will be assessed for symptoms and monitored accordingly.”

Muskegon officials are urging everyone to follow Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s Stay-at-home order and shelter in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. With 48 pending cases in Muskegon alone, the 2nd confirmed case is presumably just the beginning.