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A petition campaign will launch this year add LGBTQ protections to the state’s civil rights law.

Fair and Equal Michigan needs to gather a little more than 340 thousand signatures from registered voters. Once those names are certified, the question goes to state lawmakers to approve, reject or ignore. If the initiative is not adopted by the Legislature, it goes on the November ballot, says Trevor Thomas of the Fair and Equal Michigan campaign.

“We believe it is finally time to either have them pass the bill, or hand it off to the people.”


Michigan’s two US senators have effectively blocked President Donald Trump’s pick for US attorney for western Michigan.

       Tom Leonard is a Republican who lost a bid in 2018 to be elected Michigan attorney general. President Trump then nominated Leonard to be the US attorney for a district that covers the western half of the state and the Upper Peninsula. That nomination was effectively blocked by US Senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters – both Democrats – by using a congressional privilege.

Right to Life


An anti-abortion group has turned in petition signatures seeking to outlaw the dilation-and-evacuation procedure. It’s expected the Legislature will approve the initiative early next year.


Governor Gretchen Whitmer has signed the final bills that make up a re-negotiated budget deal reached with Republicans in the Legislature. State departments have been asked to look for places to cut in the new state fiscal year.

The instruction to find potential cuts came from Governor Whitmer’s budget office.        

Kurt Weiss with the budget office says cuts may be needed because the deal includes diverting 600 million dollars from the state General Fund to pay for roads. He office says, over many years, revenue has not kept up with inflation.  


Governor Gretchen Whitmer has vetoed two bills sent to her by the Legislature.

                Michigan will file a lawsuit tomorrow against drug manufacturers for damages related to the epidemic of opioid abuse.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has notified the State Department and the Trump administration that Michigan will continue to welcome refugees for resettlement.

An executive order from the President calls on states and local governments to provide formal consent for future refugee resettlements. Governor Whitmer’s letter is a response to the presidential order signed in September.
                Whitmer says her letter does not change any state policies when it comes to refugees.


The anti-abortion group Right to Life of Michigan says it’s stopped gathering signatures, and will soon be ready to submit petitions to enact a law to ban a medical procedure.

Right to Life of Michigan wants the Republican-led Legislature to adopt an initiative that would outlaw the abortion procedure medically known as “dilation and evacuation.”
                Genevieve Marnon with Right to Life says her group expects to put the question to lawmakers before the end of the year.


       Governor Gretchen Whitmer has officially weighed in on a lawsuit that challenges state payments to private and parochial schools.
                She says any state payments to non-public schools is not legal.

Michigan Capitol Building photo
Phillip Hofmeister via Wikimedia | CC BY 3.0 / wikimedia.org

The state Senate today (Thu.) took steps toward restoring money to programs vetoed by Governor Gretchen Whitmer earlier this year. The budget bills are supposed to be approved by the House and the Senate and sent to the governor’s desk next week.

The Senate actions are a step toward restoring a working relationship between the Democratic governor and the Legislature’s Republican leaders following a contentious budget process. The standoff put money for autism services, charter schools and public safety at risk.