Patrick Center

Patrick  joined WGVU in December, 2008, after eight years of investigative reporting at Grand Rapids' WOOD TV8 and three years at WYTV News Channel 33 in Youngstown, Ohio. As News Director, Patrick manages our daily news operation. An award winning reporter, Patrick is an EMMY Award nominee and was named Best Individual Reporter by the Michigan Associated Press and presented with the Best Individual Reporter Merit Award by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters. . He remains loyal to his boyhood professional sports teams: Cleveland Indians, Browns and Cavaliers. Although he grew up in the "buckeye" state, he has fallen in love with the people and natural resources of West Michigan.

What are the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease? Michigan State University researchers are focusing on Latino and Hispanic populations, both with a higher rate of the disease than other groups, looking for clues in individuals in their 50’s and 60’s. The hope is to discover a way to prevent or slow the onset of the disease.

“I’m really optimistic and hopeful that we will find clues and cues for mitigating, preventing Alzheimer’s disease. I think we have a good chance and I want to do it.”

The hostile takeover bid of Allegan-based Perrigo by a major pharmaceutical company was rejected Thursday.

Perrigo’s Board of Directors unanimously rejected Mylan’s unsolicited offer to acquire the company. The board recommends shareholders do the same. A letter from Chairman and CEO Joe Papa reads, “I strongly urge you to protect your investment in Perrigo and NOT tender your shares into Mylan's inadequate offer.”

Grand Valley State University is joining a growing number of college campuses offering students a campus safety app.

Take a stroll across most university campuses and you’ll more than likely come across a blue light call box. That’s where a student in distress could press a button alerting campus security while the blue light flashed.

“But there are some issues with them. They can’t be with you at all times.”

Dr. George C. Fraser, FraserNet Inc.

African-American consumers spend $1.1 trillion dollars each year. As a consumer group, if it were a nation, would rank as the 16th wealthiest nation in the world. During a visit to the Grand Rapids Black Chamber of Commerce, author and speaker, Dr. George C. Fraser, specializing in minority networking and wealth building explained when it comes to production, African-Americans have some catching up to do…and it can be done.  

“You cannot consume yourself into equality and you cannot consume yourself into power.”

For 28-years, Dr. George C. Fraser has been on a mission.

Thursday from 2:00 to 6:00 - Clifford - SuperWhy! - Word Girl - Buddy the Dinosaur, and The Cat in the Hat will host an afternoon of activities during the PBS Kids Celebration at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. Visiting West Michigan this week is PBS’s Vice President of Education who tells WGVU about PBS’s continuing commitment to developing educational programming.

“I believe PBS has really set the standard for what true educational television really is.”

Alicia Levi is PBS Vice President of Education.

The National Ski Patrol held its Central Division Meeting in Grand Rapids this past weekend.

The National Ski Patrol is made up of 28,000 trained members spread out across 600 Patrols.  

Some of those members keep watch over the U.S. Central Division running from the Missouri River to the south and north through Michigan.

Meeting in Grand Rapids safety was at the core of its division meeting including the continued promotion of protecting your head by wearing a helmet.

The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum is hosting its Community Day of Remembrance with exhibits form the 9/11 memorial on display throughout the weekend. Outside, the Boy Scouts pay their respects to all who died in the terror attacks.

“Second line…attention!”

“I’m calling out the commands”


“Making sure that there will always be someone saluting the flag.”

“First line, too.”

Jenison’s Christopher Beauchene serves in the President Ford Council of Boy Scouts of America.

Brian G. Long

As summer draws to a close, West Michigan’s August economic growth has slowed from July. WGVU breaks down the Supply Management Research August survey.

Just a few short weeks ago, there was a stock market sell-off the result of a slowing Chinese economy.

“We’re going to almost have to watch this China situation on a day-by-day basis because for the first time in history another country could draw us into a recession.”

That’s Brian G. Long, director of Supply Management Research in the Seidman College of Business at Grand Valley State University.

The Kent County Health Department and Grand Rapids Police Department are investigating at least one illegal operation and there may be more posing a growing public health risk

Steve Kelso at the Kent County Health Department warns us about the proliferation of unlicensed body artists, in the tattoo industry known as “scratchers.” 

gas prices

 Labor Day travelers caught a break at the pump. It was only a few weeks ago when prices nearly topped $3 a gallon when half of the BP refinery in Whiting, Indiana went off line sending prices skyrocketing across Great Lakes states. The Michigan Attorney General sent out a letter warning BP it wouldn’t be tolerated. While there was a sharp increase, Gas-Buddy-Dot-com’s senior petroleum analyst says we should have paid more than we did back in August and he wonders why the full amount wasn’t passed along to consumers.