Jennifer Moss


Jennifer is an award winning broadcast news journalist with more than two decades of professional television news experience including the nation's fifth largest news market. She's worked as both news reporter and news anchor for television and radio in markets from Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo all the way to San Francisco, California.

She's interviewed everyone from U.S. Presidents to Oprah Winfrey; Bishop Desmond Tutu to amazing young students. She's skied with Special Olympians and has flown an F-16 fighter jet.

Jennifer loves the community in which she lives and thus remains very active. She has been recognized for outstanding community service and received the "Giants" award in Grand Rapids.

Jennifer has two teenage sons at home and a daughter and grandson in Indianapolis. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

September was childhood cancer awareness month, a time for children and families fighting pediatric cancer to be honored.  WGVU's Jennifer Moss talked with Dr. James Fahner, Division Chief for pediatric hematology and oncology at Helen Devos Children's Hospital.  Dr. Fahner says it's important to draw attention to the strides being made in the fight against pediatric cancer.

A free community event featuring Amy Grant is being held tonight to celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  It’s the third year for “Candid Conversations”, which also honors First Lady Betty Ford’s legacy.  Those behind the event want to raise awareness and help women understand their options and encourage them to take action, if needed.

“All of the news, the press, the openness we have today, was all begun when Betty Ford, from her position as First Lady, said, we’re going to talk about this.  We’re going to tell people what’s going on.”

An ArtPrize exhibit featuring Grand Valley State University students from the Art and Design Department may not have won the big prize, but it is winning praise from the students' teacher.  'Framing the Experience' is more than just jewelry or even art: it reflects experiences in the artist's life.

“ They all have a story behind it…"

Sitting just west of the blue bridge, set up in one of those moving pods, Shuying Vogt's been manning the GVSU jewelry and metalsmithing ArtPrize exhibit since day one.

What do George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy all have in common? More than having been president, they “may” all have been “biologically” more likely to have leadership ability.  Dr. Helen Fisher is a biological anthropologist who will be speaking Thursday on biology and leadership at GVSU’s Loosemore Auditorium. 

“She is very highly respected in her field because she examines both the biology of love and the biology of leadership, in ways that are expansive and uncommon.”

An investigation is ongoing at Grand Valley State University into the weekend hacking attempt of its Banner self-service computer portal. Hackers attempted to get access to just over 21-thousand accounts, but were unsuccessful.  University officials say they don’t know the motive behind the attack, but they do say there’s something users can do to help thwart future issues.

“We are still clueless on who perpetrated it and what the motive was.”

The Kent County Health Department is now offering free, confidential HIV testing to anyone with tattoos from an unlicensed operator. Officials say attempts were made yesterday to shut down a well-known location, but it appears the operator is not cooperating.  The Health Department says it’s frustrated, but its biggest concern is public safety.

“Make no mistake, the Kent County Health Department is fed up, we’re coming. We are done with it and we’re asking anyone with information to contact us.”

A West Michigan zoo has officially dedicated its African-style camp for overnight visitors.  Battle Creek’s Binder Park Zoo opened its Joe and Clara Stewart African tented camp and Zamani school.  It’s set on an 18 acre savannah.  

“We’ve had people actually from Africa say this makes me homesick… so the Savannah that’s out in front of the tents is actually 15 acres, so it’s quite large.”

ArtPrize logo, black
ArtPrize /

Today’s the first day of ArtPrize in Grand Rapids.  WGVU is taking part in the action with The Morning Show and my segments in All Things Considered coming to you live from the Grand Rapids Art Museum. 

“We are in the museum store, where Art Prize 7 is slowing growing…  “

Morning Show host Shelley Irwin got things started as WGVU broadcast live this morning, right in the middle of all the action of Art Prize 7.

A renewed call to action today from the Grand Rapids Public Schools’ Superintendent.  A relatively new initiative seeks additional community volunteers to help bridge the gap in the academic outcomes for African American males. 

“So we are looking for not just your typical tutor or mentor, we really want accountability partners, someone who can relate to our kids and just help them with the process of growing up.”

Children and families fighting pediatric cancer are being honored during the month of September.  It’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. WGVU talked with a local cancer specialist who says great strides are being made, but more awareness and help are still needed.

“Many people hear children and cancer in the same sentence and we know that’s thats not right and it’s something that’s not supposed to happen to our children but it does happen.”