Cheyna Roth

Legislation to prevent doctors from sexually abusing their patients was on the agenda at a state House committee hearing today.  

       These bills are part of ongoing efforts started by the Legislature last year to curb sexual assault in the state.

Larry Nassar is the former Michigan State University sports doctor who sexually assaulted his patients for years. After he received a de-facto life sentence, lawmakers started to work on new legislation to prevent a similar situation from happening again.


The state Legislature plans to go back to its normal schedule this week.

       The state House of Representatives wants to focus on criminal justice changes and agriculture.

Republicans in the state House plan to keep working on a budget and road funding plan they can agree on along with the Senate and Governor Gretchen Whitmer. But they’ve got other priorities too.

Gideon D’Assandro is a spokesman for state House Republicans. He says the Agricultural committee will hold information sessions across the state to offer resources to farmers.

US Representative Rashida Tlaib of Michigan has called a decision to bar her and another member of Congress from visiting the West Bank “a sign of weakness.”

A sixty-one-year-old Ionia man will receive 1-point-three  million dollars from the state.
    David Gavitt was wrongfully convicted of multiple crimes.
In 1986, David Gavitt was sentenced to life without parole for three counts of felony murder and one count of arson. But the University of Michigan Innocence Clinic stepped in in 20-11. It argued that much of the arson investigation science used against Gavitt at his trial had since been discredited. A court agreed and ordered Gavitt’s release.


Michigan has an alcohol smuggling problem. That’s according to the Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association.

The association compiled data from the Liquor Control Commission and the state’s excise tax information to determine how much alcohol is being shipped to Michigan illegally.

Nearly 130,000. That’s how many illegally shipped bottles of alcohol made their way to the walls of liquor stores across Michigan. That’s only from January through March of 20-19, according to the Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association’s data.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer says she would support a “red flag” law to allow law enforcement to seize firearms from someone who is deemed a risk.

Governor Whitmer was asked about the topic, and said more can be done to prevent mass shootings by murderers who use rapid-fire, high-capacity firearms. She says that includes identifying people who pose a risk of violence and getting a court order to seize their guns. She says the prospect of a mass shooting is terrifying.

One year. That’s how long the former dean of Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine was sentenced to spend in jail.

        William Strampel was sentenced today for two misdemeanors and one felony.

Strampel was convicted of a felony for using his position as dean to try to get sexual favors from female students.

During sentencing, Strampel’s attorney argued that Strampel has multiple women on his side – and his good characteristics should not be ignored.

Medicaid graphic

Medicaid insurance providers in Michigan cannot refuse benefits for sex reassignment surgeries and hormone replacement medications.

The governor’s office recently codified the antidiscrimination language into the state’s Medicaid Provider Manual. This is already state policy.

Erin Knott is the executive director of Equality Michigan. She says this is significant.

“I’m hopeful that this will just be one more step in the right direction as it relates to making our transgender friends and neighbors feel that they are an included part of our community and our society.”

Some researchers say the answer to reducing gun violence isn’t to treat it as a mental health problem or a criminal justice problem. Researchers focused on injury prevention say it should be treated as a public health problem.

       Injuries caused by car crashes, drowning, fires, and more have all been mitigated after they were treated as a public health issue.

Dr. Rebecca Cunningham is an injury prevention researcher at the University of Michigan. She says focusing on behavior, risk prevention factors and injury prevention science could help.

A state lawmaker could face a recall effort on the next ballot.  The Board of State Canvassers authorized a petition today.

Federal prosecutors say Republican Representative Larry Inman tried to sell his vote on a controversial measure. He was indicted in May on multiple criminal charges. Since then he has missed dozens of votes in the state Legislature.

Michael Naughton is an attorney for the people behind the petition. He says the people in Inman’s district are not being represented.