Cheyna Roth

Governor Rick Snyder will not lower the state’s standards for dumping ballast water in the Great Lakes. He vetoed a bill with the changes today.

The governor vetoed the bill because he’s concerned about invasive species.

Ballast water is collected by large ships in one body of water to help stabilize the ship. Then it’s dumped into other bodies of water, along with whatever plant and animal species collected with it.

President Donald Trump is considering three current and former Michigan judges as he looks for the next U-S Supreme Court justice.

   The judges are on the short list of 25 names under consideration

   Justice Joan Larsen and Raymond Kethledge currently serve on the U-S Court of Appeals. Larsen was appointed by Trump to that post last year. A third possibility, Robert Young, is the former Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court and current general counsel for Michigan State University.

State Attorney General Bill Schuette doesn’t want a redistricting measure to be on the November ballot.

   He filed a brief with the Michigan Supreme Court to try to keep a gerrymandering proposal submitted by Voters Not Politicians off the ballot.

The state’s election committee decided last week that a redistricting overhaul should go on the November ballot. But the battle isn’t over yet.

   The group opposing the effort has filed an appeal with the Michigan Supreme Court. The court hasn’t decided whether to look at the case.

100 million dollars is now earmarked for a workforce training plan. It’s called the Marshall Plan for Talent – a project spearheaded by Governor Rick Snyder.

The governor signed the bills into law today.

Snyder says there are lots of jobs in those areas that aren’t being filled due to a lack of talent.

   The Marshall Plan is an attempt to improve that.

   Republican Senator Goeff Hansen is a bill sponsor. He says there’s been an emphasis on four-year college degrees.


Democratic state Representatives say there’s currently a law that will kill lawsuits filed by Michigan counties against drug companies. And they want to get rid of it.

Current law says drug companies are immune from liability if their drug was approved by the U-S Food and Drug Administration.

But multiple counties in Michigan have joined class action lawsuits to sue major drug companies over the opioid epidemic. They say the companies should have to reimburse them for the costs of the crisis because those companies used deceptive advertising.

   Michigan State University will borrow money to pay a half billion dollar settlement to sexual abuse survivors.

The Board of Trustees approved issuing a bond to pay for a proposed settlement with more than 300 survivors of former faculty member Larry Nassar. The half a (b) billion dollars will be paid back using insurance, investments and interest. 

The board also approved a 1-point-3 million dollar contract for its new Vice President of Legal Affairs, Robert Young. His contract is for three years.

Interim President John Engler:

There could be fireworks at a meeting tomorrow  of Michigan State University’s governing body.

This meeting comes amid controversies and calls for the ouster of interim president John Engler. 

Student activists and others plan to show up at the meeting and continue their call for Engler to step down or resign. They say Engler has not been an effective leader in the wake of the Larry Nassar scandal. Nassar is the former M-S-U sports doctor who sexually assaulted his patients for years.

Morgan McCaul is a Nassar survivor who plans to be at the meeting

Survivors of sexual assault want Michigan State University interim president John Engler gone. More than 100 survivors of disgraced M-S-U sports doctor Larry Nassar called for Engler’s termination today.

This stems from emails between Engler and an aide published by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

In the emails, Engler said survivors are being manipulated by attorneys. Hundreds of survivors are suing the school for failing to prevent Larry Nassar from abusing patients while he was on the faculty there.

Michigan State University Interim President John Engler is under fire for emails he exchanged with an aide about victims of Larry Nassar. Nassar is the former M-S-U sports doctor who sexually assaulted his patients for years.

       Members of the university’s governing board want Engler to resign.

In emails obtained by the Chronical of Higher Education, Engler says a Nassar survivor is probably receiving a “kickback” from lawyers. Hundreds of Nassar survivors are suing the university. Engler also says survivors are being manipulated by trial lawyers.

The A-C-L-U of Michigan has filed an emergency motion against federal immigration authorities. They say Iraqi detainees are being threatened and coerced to say they want to go to Iraq.

The Iraqi immigrants face deportation orders for crimes – usually committed years ago. The ACLU says immigration agents have been coercing detainees to sign a document saying they want to return to Iraq.