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Members of the public told a state panel that they have concerns about landfills in their backyards.

The hearing on Wednesday was part of the Department of Environmental Quality’s waste management task force.

The task force was created in April of 2015. Its job is to come up with ways to increase recycling and re-use of trash in the state. 

Steve Sliver is the acting chief of the state Office of Waste Management and Radiological Protection.

He says the panel is hoping to create laws to promote sustainability in Michigan.

Michigan capitol building
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A bill that would give immunity to anyone who calls for help when someone overdoses is making its way through the legislature.

The current Good Samaritan law protects people under 21 from criminal charges if they call 911 after someone overdoses.

It also applies only to prescription drugs.

The new bill would give immunity to any person and apply to any illegal drug if 911 is called for a medical emergency.

While the bill is receiving bi-partisan support, Republican Senator Patrick Colbeck says it essentially amounts to legalization of drug use,