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Hillary Clinton speaks in Warren on Thursday, August 11.
Cheyna Roth

A big section of Michigan’s economy is being targeted by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 98.2 percent of businesses in Michigan are small businesses. The SBA defines a small business as one with fewer than 500 employees.

Clinton released a plan for small businesses Tuesday that she says will make it easier for entrepreneurs to start their small businesses.

File photo: Supporters wave campaign signs at an August Donald Trump rally in Dimondale, MI.
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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is boosting his presence in Michigan. Michigan's campaign for Republican presidential nominee.

Donald Trump is expanding from one to seven senior staffers.

Dave Doyle is the Executive Vice President for Marketing Resource Group. He says this is a big commitment to Michigan and shows that the campaign sees Michigan as a battleground state.

“The important thing is the expansion of the staff,” he says. “They’ve basically gone from a one man operation to seven people. So that’s again pretty significant.”

Donald Trump speaks in Dimondale, Mich., on Friday, August 19.
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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump paid another visit to Michigan Friday.

During his speech in Dimondale, Trump made a strong pitch to factory workers and especially African American voters saying, “What do you have to lose?”

Trump said Democrats and their presidential nominee Hillary Clinton take African American support for granted. He further blamed Detroit’s crime, poverty and unemployment on the Democratic leadership, including Clinton.

UAW Local 602 autoworker Anita Dawson says Trump’s policies are a threat to working families at a demonstration held before a Trump rally on Friday.
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Michigan auto workers and labor leaders gathered Friday morning to oppose Republican nominee Donald Trump’s visit to Dimondale, Michigan, later that day.

The group gathered with a very clear message: Donald Trump would be a “disaster” for Michigan.

Former Congressman Mark Schauer and several members of the local United Auto Workers attacked Trump’s statements about moving car production outside of Michigan, his failure to release his tax returns, and said Trump is not on the side of the American workers.

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Opioid tracking in Michigan is getting an overhaul in the future.

A state task force has been working on using millions of dollars to put a dent in Michigan’s opioid drug problem. A big portion of the money and resources will go toward a new opioid tracking system.

Michigan’s current system, MAPS, keeps track of opioid prescriptions and use by patients.

That helps law enforcement and medical professionals keep opioids out of the hands of drug abusers.

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Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm will have a key role in democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s potential move into the White House.

The Clinton campaign announced Tuesday that Granholm is a co-chair on Clinton’s transition team.

Much like the old saying about raising a child, it takes a village to transition a person from candidate to president. It’s a process that starts long before a winner is even announced.

A new bill would make physician-assisted suicide legal in Michigan.

The bill is modeled after Oregon’s law, and requires two doctors to agree that the patient will likely die within six months.

The patient would also have to be over 18 years-old, and meet certain criteria before getting medicine from a doctor that will end their life.

The Michigan Catholic Conference, which opposes physician assisted suicide says this bill is unlikely to go far in the legislature.

Hillary Clinton speaks in Warren on Thursday, August 11.
Cheyna Roth

Millions of Americans would be put to work if Hillary Clinton is elected president. That was the promise the candidate delivered in Metro Detroit on Thursday.

Clinton said Republican nominee Donald Trump is presenting a dismal and incorrect picture of Michigan’s economy. She pushed back at Trump’s economic plans while at an advanced manufacturing plant in Warren.

Clinton commented on immigration, raising the minimum wage, and Trump’s plan to eliminate the Estate Tax, which she says will not help 99.8 percent of Americans.

school desks
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Michigan schools need to spend more money helping students with special needs. 

That’s the finding of a study commissioned by the state legislature in 2015.

The findings were presented to the Board of Education Tuesday, the same day the Board discussed a statewide initiative to make Michigan a Top 10 performing state within the next 10 years.

John Austin is the president of the State Board of Education. He says the legislature and governor need to step up to make changes in the school financial system.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is offering new ways to pay for child support.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is offering an easier way for parents to make child support payments.  Child support can now be paid in cash at any Family Dollar or 7-11 across the United States.

Erin Frisch is the director of the Office of Child Support.


“We look at this as a good opportunity for another way, convenient, easy way, for parents to support their children in Michigan and anywhere in the country, actually.”