Cheyna Roth

   The state Legislature is back this week and Democrats want to see action on protecting people from chemicals in its groundwater.

PFAS is a family of chemicals that’s been used in things like fire-fighting foam. It’s been found in the groundwater of communities all across the state.

   Democrats say the Legislature isn’t doing enough to fight PFAS. Although the state put 23 million dollars toward the problem.

   Representative Christine Greig says oversight hearings about PFAS are crucial.

The state plans to fight a lawsuit filed in federal court by a group of Michigan college students.

   The students say a law discriminates against young voters.

A retired Michigan State University Gymnastics coach is charged with lying to law enforcement. Kathie Klages turned herself in to police today

Investigators with the Attorney General’s office say they asked Klages if prior to 20-16 anyone reported to her that they had been sexually assaulted by Larry Nassar – and Klages said no. Nassar is the former M-S-U sports doctor who sexually assaulted his patients for decades.

But the Attorney General’s Office says they have witnesses who say they told Klages about Nassar as far back as 1997.


Michigan State University say the National Collegiate Athletic Association has ended its inquiry into the school’s handling of sexual misconduct complaints.

The school announced the end of the inquiry today.

The NCAA began its review in January. That stemmed from revelations that former MSU sports doctor Larry Nassar sexually assaulted his patients for decades. The organization later broadened its inquiry after an ESPN program unearthed concerns over how the men’s football and basketball programs handled possible sexual misconduct of their players.

A new trade agreement – or lack of one – between the U-S and Canada will have an impact on Michigan’s economy, experts say.

President Donald Trump has been trying to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement – or NAFTA – with Mexico and Canada for a while now. And it looks like there could be a deal between the U-S and Mexico…but Canada is still up in the air.

Charles Ballard is a professor of economics Michigan State University. He says a deal with Canada is essential.

A federal judge says an independent candidate for Michigan’s Attorney General might be able to go on the ballot.  That is, if he has 5-thousand valid signatures.

Current law says a candidate for Attorney General without a party affiliation must get at least 30-thousand valid signatures to be on the ballot. Candidates with party affiliation, however, are nominated at party conventions.

There’s only a couple weeks left before the state needs to have all the language ready for the November ballot.

   There are still several ballot proposals that haven’t been finalized.

There are at least three ballot proposals that need to be sorted out. One hasn’t even been certified yet – and could face lawsuits and challenges before it can get to the ballot. Two others face a possible vote by the state Legislature – and one of those could still be defeated by the state Supreme Court.

   The expectation is that all of this will be worked out by September 7th.

A group supported by Michigan businesses wants the state Supreme Court to take a look at a ballot initiative. It would increase the state’s minimum wage.

       Yesterday a lower court said the measure has to go to the ballot.

Justin Winslow is a spokesperson for Michigan Opportunity. He’s also president of the Michigan Restaurant Association. He says restaurants would be hurt by this proposal because it also would change the state’s tip structure.

       “We’re gonna keep fighting for this industry, tooth and nail, till the very end.”

Michigan State University says it will find a new, permanent president by June of 20-19 – And now it has a committee in place to help find the right person for the job.

   But the school still faces a trust problem in the community.

Students and faculty didn’t like how the Board of Trustees selected current interim president John Engler. They say the board didn’t accept their input.

Michigan is unhealthy – and new report says a failure to invest in public health is one reason why.

   A study delves into the consequences of the state underfunding the prevention of illnesses and injuries.

The Flint water crisis. A major outbreak of Hepatitis A. A high infant mortality rate. The Citizens Research Council says a failure to invest in public health is part of the reason Michigan has these issues.

Eric Lupher is president of the Council. He says the state has become fragmented in how it handles public health.