The Grand Rapids City Commission Tuesday moved forward on three housing projects totaling over $60 million that will provide over 150 affordable housing units in the city.

Commissioner’s greenlit the proposed Garfield Park Lofts project Tuesday, a $9.4 million three-story residential building on the city’s southeast side.

The $40 million Plaza Roosevelt Redevelopment Project promises 17 new Habitat Kent homes, two 24-unit residential buildings, a new Grand Rapids Public Schools high school and a plaza or park.

Michigan Supreme Court hears key case on jobless fraud

Oct 10, 2018

The Michigan Supreme Court is hearing arguments in a case that will determine if people who were wrongly accused of defrauding the unemployment program can sue the state. An automated computer system run by Gov. Rick Snyder's administration was a disaster. 

Political polarization is at its highest level in decades, with no real chance of slowing down. That’s according to a new study from Michigan State University.  Published this month in the Social Networks Journal, the study found that political polarization, or the division between Republicans and Democrats, is not only growing but so is the resentment that the two parties have for each other.

WGVU’s Daniel Boothe recently spoke with Dr. Zachary Neal. He’s an associate professor of psychology and global urban studies at Michigan State University and is the study’s author.

Lawmakers may look at chemical contaminants known as PFAS

Oct 9, 2018

Lawmakers in Lansing say they are ready to take a deeper look at regulating a class of chemicals known as PFAS. The toxic substances have been in many groundwater and drinking water sites throughout the state. PFAS chemicals have been used in manufacturing and in firefighting foam at sites throughout the state.

State officials are testing for PFAS statewide… but the legislature has yet to act on PFAS.

WGVU’s Decision 2018 Election Coverage continues as we profile those seeking public office this November. Today, we profile the two candidates running in Michigan’s 88th state house district.

Democrat Heidi Zuniga is a former educator and breast cancer survivor. If elected as the 88th District’s State House Representative, Zuniga says, she will fight in Lansing for safe and effective public schools, affordable healthcare for every resident, and a sustainable environment for future generations.

Review details high lead levels in schools water

Oct 9, 2018

A review of water testing results at Detroit public schools found that one school had more than 54 times the allowable amount of lead under federal guidelines while another exceeded the regulated copper level by nearly 30 times.

The Detroit News reports it reviewed hundreds of pages of water reports for 57 Detroit Public Schools Community District buildings that had elevated levels of lead and/or copper in the water. Detroit officials believe old fixtures could be to blame for the contamination in schools, where water coolers and bottled water are being provided .

Officials say a $5.1 million gift to Albion College will help transform pre-medical education at the school. The school announced Monday that Lisa and James Wilson, who graduated from the college in the 1970s, are making the gift that will establish the Lisa and James Wilson Institute for Medicine at Albion College. The school says it's the largest gift by an individual or couple in the school's history.

   The November election is weeks away – And tomorrow is the last day for Michigan residents to register to vote.

   The election will decide the state’s next governor, attorney general and secretary of state among many other races.

State House and Senate, U-S senate and ballot initiatives – oh my.

   After a high turnout in the primary, Michigan’s former state Elections Director is predicting about 4 million voters will head to the polls on November 6th – which would be pretty high for a midterm.

Voters in Kent County this November will consider a millage that would provide a dedicated source of funding for community-based early childhood programs. According to the Kent County Clerk’s office, the "Ready by Five Early Childhood Proposal" will ask voters to approve a new six-year millage that would raise nearly $6 million a year to provide early childhood development services to persons up to age 5 and their parents.

Approved for the ballot last June by the Kent County Board of Commissioners, the proposal is the brainchild of non-profit First Steps Kent. 

Picture of traffic light
City of Grand Rapids

It’s the first of its kind in the city of Grand Rapids.  And motorists and cyclists will soon encounter this new traffic signal.  It will be located on Michigan Street to help with an increase in pedestrian traffic due to a very busy Medical Mile. 

“We’re always looking for ways to improve safety for pedestrians as well as for drivers out on the street.”