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Commissioner calls for video of unmarked police vehicle hitting fugitive to be released

If there is police video that shows an unmarked state police vehicle hitting and killing 25-year-old fugitive Samuel Sterling in Kentwood, Kent County Commissioner Ryan Diaz wants it shared with the public

“We need to be speaking up for our constituents.”

Kent County Commissioner Ryan Diaz says he has seen the short clip recorded by a nearby surveillance camera that shows an unmarked state police vehicle collide with 25-year-old Samuel Sterling.

“It is very troubling to see very troubling to watch.”

Samual Sterling was unarmed, running away from officers on a fugitive apprehension team trying to arrest him on outstanding warrants. He was struck by the police car in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant.

“[Y]ou can see in the video how the young man is running away from law enforcement and then a vehicle pulls up runs him down essentially.”

Diaz wants investigators to release any police dash or body cam video that recorded the incident. And he wants consequences for the trooper driving when Samuels was hit.

“I’m calling for that police officer to be fired to be prosecuted.”

The state police are investigating. The attorney general will decide on any charges against the trooper.

“This can’t keep happening in our community.”

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