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MDOT launches public survey on travel to help with future planning

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The Michigan Department of Transportation is launching a household survey this week to shape its plans for the next 20 years

Called “MI Travel Counts,” the survey is going out to random households in Michigan in three phases through fall of 2025.

Data collected will show how travel behavior has changed over the past 10 years since the previous study.

Katie Beck is the supervisor of the Urban Travel Analysis Unit and says it will shape priorities for Michigan’s transportation systems.

“We want to understand how people travel today and how they’re going to travel in the future so we can make sure our infrastructure is meeting people’s needs and supporting local communities as well.”

Results will help planners understand how, where, when and why people travel in Michigan, as well as the effects of increases in remote work, online shopping, ridesharing and delivery services.

“Are they making fewer shopping trips now there’s more delivery? Fewer work trips? Are they making more recreation trips?”

Those who choose to complete the survey will give demographic information then report their travels by smartphone, online, or by telephone.

Results of the survey should be completed for release by 2026.

For more information about MI Travel Counts, visit www.MITravelCounts.com.

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