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Downtown GR e-bike and scooter operators could face fines for riding on sidewalks

City of Grand Rapids

Some think a policy update is needed due to an increase in riders

“I have heard from folks, and I have experienced it personally where I am walking on the sidewalk and almost get hit by a scooter.”

Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss says she supports an ordinance update banning bikes, e-bikes and scooters from downtown sidewalks.

“I think this is overdue.”

The ordinance update would potentially fine operators of scooters, bikes, and e-bikes who ride on downtown sidewalks. Assistant Mobility GR director Ariana Jeske says it’s a response to an increase in the number of riders.

“We are not necessarily going to be proactively going out and enforcing but it does give the police department the ability to do so.”

“The police department fully supports the update to this ordinance.”

Police Chief Eric Windstrom says officers will warn and advise sidewalk riders before writing a citation.

“Mostly this will be education for us to get out and inform the riders of the rules of downtown.”

The fine for a first offender is $50.

“Give the warning first and then be able to issue any infractions if people are not obeying.”

The city commission may vote on the ordinance next month.

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