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Graduation rates up across Michigan

Grand Rapids Public Schools

The state's high school graduation rates are up in all categories according to the new report from the Michigan Department of Education

Michigan’s high school graduation rates for 2023 are at 81.77%, the second highest ever, behind 2019.

“Today we celebrate the highest Grand Rapids Public Schools graduation record in recent history.”

Superintendent Dr. Leandriane Roby says Grand Rapids Public Schools
continued its trend of consistent growth over the last ten years, scoring 82.4% for 2023. In 2014 it was just 49.6%. They’re also above the state average for the first time. Roby says it’s about discovering and addressing barriers to graduation.

“How do we ensure we’re helping families and young people not only see the value of graduating on time, but if there are barriers, having those conversations, working very closely with our high school counselors to see what supports and things are needed.”

She calls for continued growth with a hyper-focus on attendance, on early childhood education that sets up students for success, and on creating a sense of belonging.

“People come to place where they feel welcome and it’s important that if we make school a place children feel valued and respected and seen, they’re more likely to come.”

Graduation rates can be found listed by school and district at mischooldata.org.

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