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Ann Arbor city council bans gas powered leaf blowers

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East Grand Rapids' city commission did not support a ban on gas powered blowers this summer but it could be a matter of time before they are illegal everywhere

The city council vote to ban gas powered leaf blowers in Ann Arbor was unanimous. Councilwoman Jenn Cornell was a sponsor.

“Beginning January 1 2028 the use of gas powered leaf blowers in the city is prohibited at all times in the city.”

Council members Travis Radina and Ayesha Ghaza Edwin say getting rid of gas fueled leaf blowers will make the city quieter, cleaner and healthier.

“Gas powered leaf blowers are in fact bad for the environment bad for your health.”

“I do believe this ordinance is going to make our community healthier cleaner more in line with our values.”

The council is phasing in the ban over 5 years to give citizens time to switch from gas to electric, and get used to battery powered leaf blowing.

“I’ve heard feedback electric blowers don’t work as well but a recent consumer report analysis showed electric leaf blowers match or beat gas models in every single test conducted.”

First time violators will pay a 100 dollar fine..250 for additional offenses.

“I want to say overwhelmingly the feedback for this has been positive.”

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