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Water affordability bills receive first House hearing

Drinking Water Faucet
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Drinking Water Faucet

Bills to create a new water affordability program received a hearing Thursday before a Michigan House committee

The bills aim to give low-income residents assistance in keeping their water bills below 3-percent of their household income.

Republican Representative David Prestin says he’s concerned that there wouldn't be a limit on how long people can qualify.

“I just see it—down the road without some type of a endpoint—being abused.”

But Democratic Representative Abraham Aiyash says he doesn’t see that as an issue for the low-income households that would be eligible.

“It’s doubtful that them being able to get a discount for their water bill is going to be the reason why they’d want to live in poverty for the rest of their lives.”

The legislation would also provide for some water debt forgiveness.

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