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Reintroduced bill would require adult changing tables in public restrooms

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Michigan lawmakers are reintroducing a proposal that would increase bathroom access for people with disabilities.

Michigan Representative Lori Stone (D - Warren) introduced Liam’s Law, for the second time, to the state House of Representatives on Wednesday. The proposal would require public restrooms to have at least one universally accessible adult changing table.

Liam’s Law is named after an eight-year-old boy who was born with several rare, life-altering conditions which prevent him from learning proper potty-training. Liam, who is nonverbal and in second grade, has not been able to utilize most changing tables in public restrooms, as many are not suitable for someone over the age of three.

In a statement with the group Changing Spaces, his family said:

“We have resolved to seek changes so that our son, and millions of others like him, will never have to go through the humiliation, the shame and the undignified experience of being changed on a wet, dirty and unhygienic restroom floor ever again.”

Liam’s Law was first introduced in 2020 with the goal of making adult-sized, height-adjustable changing tables more accessible across the state. In 2022, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services launched a grant program to assist several public and private venues in installing adult-sized changing tables.

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