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Mel Trotter prepares to help homeless population in blizzard

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Mel Trotter Ministries has been preparing for the winter storm. As it hits today, officials say they remain vigilant to help the homeless population stay safe and stay warm

The National Weather Service in Grand Rapids has issued a blizzard warning taking effect Thursday afternoon. As the major winter storm comes to West Michigan, Mel Trotter Ministries has been busy preparing to help keep the homeless population safe and warm. Here’s Beth Fisher, Mel Trotter Ministries Chief Advancement Officer.

“We are ramping up as we always do. Each year we brace for it. But this is honestly what we’ve done for 123 years. Taking care of the most vulnerable in our community. So right now, we are able to house, shelter people, up to 620.  We have cots to house as many people as possible and we can’t do this alone, so we hope some other community partners are able to do the same.”

Fisher says their goal is to encourage the unsheltered to come indoors during this storm, but sometimes there are those who choose to stay outside.

“We fully believe not safe nor compassionate to leave our friends outside,  and we encourage them to come in, but if they say no, we’re good here, , then, we ‘re providing everything we can, hand warmers and feet warmers, everything they need, so they don’t freeze to death outside.”

Fisher says they can still use help from the community. Things like hats, gloves, blankets and donations are a welcome Christmas treat. She says you can find more information on their website at meltrotter.org

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