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Judge lifts restraining order against Muskegon Heights Board of Education

Public School Academy System had filed motion after firing of president

A judge has dissolved a restraining order filed by the Muskegon Heights Public Schools Academy System against Its Board of Education.

The Muskegon Heights Public School Academy System had filed and been granted a temporary restraining order against the district’s elected board of education last week, after firing President Antonette Robinson.

The Academy’s legal team had argued that the Board of Education had violated proper protocols in Robinson’s termination, and the temporary restraining order meant that the Board of Education could not remove or add anyone to the Academy Board for the time being.

However, 14th District Court Judge Kenneth Hoopes Wednesday dissolved the restraining order, paving the way for Robinson’s removal.

At the center of the disagreement between the two boards is a district that so far this year has had to face extreme staffing shortages, and multiple protests from students, teachers, and staff over how the district is being managed.

Board of Education President Trinell Scott told WGVU, that while Robinson’s termination won’t fix the districts issues, something at least symbolically had to be done.

“So that is why it's imperative that we have the right individuals in place to make the necessary decisions that we need to make in order to move the district forward," Scott said.

One of those decisions will be finding the districts next leader, as the Public-School Academy System is still without a full-time Superintendent this school year.