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Fertility fraud bills to receive a committee hearing

Michigan Capitol Building
wikimedia commons
Michigan Capitol Building

A bill package to protect Michigan fertility patients from deception is set to receive a committee hearing next week

The bills would make lying about the embryo or gamete used, donor identity, and the donor’s social and medical history a felony.

They would also set the statute of limitations for that crime to 15 years.

Supporters say the bills are necessary to keep fertility doctors from behaving unethically and misleading patients. The package's sponsors say Michigan criminal code currently doesn't account for that behavior.

In 2020 reports came out that a now-deceased metro-Detroit doctor had used his own sperm to impregnate several women over the course of decades.

Tuesday’s Senate hearing for the package could signal it’s among priorities to get passed before the legislative session ends next month.

The bills have already made it out of the state House.

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