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Kent County Democratic Headquarters vandalized with swastikas, white supremacy symbols

Kent County Democratic Party
Kent County Democratic Party

Officials call the graffiti "shocking" say it has "no place in politics"

The Kent County Democratic Party said its headquarters have been vandalized, as someone spray painted swastikas, and white supremacy symbols on the outside of the building.

Officials from the Kent County Democratic Party say they showed up to work Monday morning to find seven Nazi Party symbols, five rifle scopes, and the number 1488--a number symbol for white power--spray painted on the party headquarters’ exterior.

Democratic Party Chair Bill Saxton says he was shocked when he became aware of the vandalism Monday morning.

"The antisemitic graffiti discovered this morning on our headquarters in Kent County is not only…disappointing but is a direct assault on what should be the core values of all citizens, regardless of political party preference. It is abundantly clear that winning at the ballot box is not enough these days. It doesn't stop the hate and the violence. It doesn't make us immune to the rampant white supremacy that has been sparked by bad actors across the political spectrum."

The party says the vandalism has been reported to the Grand Rapids Police Department, however, there are not surveillance cameras on the building’s exterior, and there are no suspects at this time.

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