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Michigan Achievement Scholarship link goes live

High School Graduate
Michigan Achievement Scholarship
High School Graduate

Information about a new state scholarship program is now available on a website launched Wednesday

The “Michigan Achievement Scholarship” program is available to eligible high schoolers graduating in the spring of 2023 and beyond.

Depending on need and the type of college or university they attend, they could receive thousands in annual aid.

Robin Lott directs the state’s “Postsecondary Financial Planning” office. She says families need to complete the “Free Application For Federal Student Aid,” or “FAFSA, ”to find out if they’re eligible:

“They’re not going to know until they go out there. Now there is a financial aid calculator that we’re going to place on the website real soon here so families can go out and take a look and try to see specifically for their situation how that might fit.”

There’s no separate application beyond FAFSA needed for the scholarship.

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