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Irwin, VanderWall push for nurse trainer tax incentives


Irwin, VanderWall push for nurse trainer tax incentives

A bipartisan effort in the Michigan Senate to address nursing shortages involves tax breaks.

The bill package would provide a thousand-dollar tax credit for every 250 hours someone volunteers to train a doctor…advanced practice nurse…or physician assistant.

Democratic state Senator Jeff Irwin says trainer shortages are affecting medical and nursing schools.

“There are less and less people who are willing to step up and provide that training. So, Sen. VanderWall and I are proposing that we provide tax incentives to people who perform those training services and that we respect that work by reducing their taxes.”

Irwin and Republican Senator Curt VanderWall have introduced their legislation in Senate…but it hasn’t yet been officially read in and assigned a committee.

That will likely happen once lawmakers return from break next week.