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Ken Johnson elected as the next mayor of Muskegon

Ken Johnson

End of an era for incumbent Steve Gawron, who lost by a narrow margin

The City of Muskegon will have a new Mayor in January.

In an extremely close race that wasn’t called until just before midnight, voters Tuesday elected challenger and former city commissioner Ken Johnson over current mayor and incumbent Steve Gawron.

WGVU spoke with Johnson moments after the race had been called.

Quick to first thank Mayor Gawron for his public service that has spanned over a decade, Johnson said Muskegon needed a fresh start at City Hall---and he plans on being a Mayor that makes sure the “Watch Us Go” Campaign means everyone in the community benefits from the progress being made.

“I think that is important,” Johnson said. “I think that it is healthy, to have fresh ideas, new perspectives, new denergy,” he said. “Pursuing meaningful engagement, and governing in an equitable and inclusive way.”

Unofficial results by the Muskegon County Clerk’s office, as of early Wednesday morning, have Johnson winning the race by just over 100 votes.