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Campaign underway to keep Muskegon's Frauenthal Center going for another 90 years

Fruaenthal Center


In an effort to renovate Muskegon’s Frauenthal Theater, officials Wednesday launched the public phase of “The Next 90 Years Frauenthal Preservation Campaign.” According to staff, the historic theater is showing wear and tear after decades of steady use, and is calling on the community for help with the financial costs of bringing the structure into the 21st century.

According to a press release, The Community Foundation has identified more than $7 million in fundamental structural needs, renovations, and preservation that are critical to the theater’s future and use.

Upgrades would include a restored and electric marquee, replacement of the stage, and heated sidewalks along the perimeter of the facility.

Eric Messing, is the center’s executive director. He says, the Frauenthal represents not only where Muskegon has come from, but also where Muskegon is going.

“The Frauenthal has been a community cornerstone for 90 years, literally in the center of downtown Muskegon, and through these preservation efforts, it is going to ensure our future in this community for years to come.”

Officials say that a number of renovations have already taken place including reinforced fire escapes, new energy efficient windows and a new HVAC system that will dramatically improve air-quality throughout the building.

Tuesday also marked the Frauenthal’s official re-opening after a year of going dark due to the COVID-19 pandemic.