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KCSD: Extensive Taser training aims to avoid 'tragic' outcomes


Officials from the Kent County Sheriff’s Department are calling the death of Daunte Wright “a tragedy” and say that police undergo extensive training to ensure an officer never mistakes a Taser for a gun.

“It’s an incredibly tragic situation for the victim, their family, the officer and the department involved, but our number one thing is ‘how can we learn from that situation’ to ensure that it never happens here in Kent County.”

That is Sgt. Joy Matthews and spokesperson for the Kent County Sheriff’s Department. While Brooklyn Center Police Officer Kim Potter says she mistook her gun for a Taser that ultimately led to the death of Daunte Wright, Sgt. Matthews says it has never happened in Kent County, and for good reason.

“Here at the Sheriff’s office, our Tasers a different color, we also wear them on a different side of our belt, you know to just minimize the confusion of drawing a gun vs. a Taser,” Matthews said. “We also train to yell ‘Taser! Taser! Taser’ before we are deploying it.”

That being said, those same protocols are in place at the Brooklyn Center Police.

So what happened?

“Officers are human beings as well, and with that they make mistakes,” Matthews says. “And unfortunately when we do make mistakes as police officers, exactly in this situation, there can be some horrible consequences that can change people’s lives.”

Meanwhile, Officer Kim Potter Tuesday afternoon resigned from the Brooklyn Center police department after 26 years of being a cop. Police Chief Tim Gannon resigned Tuesday afternoon as well.