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After impeachment vote, campaign launched to replace US Rep. Peter Meijer

Norton Campaign Website

After voting to impeach President Donald Trump, United States Representative and Republican Peter Meijer is getting some harsh criticism---while a challenger, sympathetic to Trump, has announced his candidacy for the 3rd  District seat.

Having held the job for less than a month, Meijer said he knew he would face backlash from the party after voting to impeach President Donald Trump, issuing a statement that the decision came with a “heavy heart” and much consideration.

But almost immediately, there were calls for his job by Trump loyalists, specifically by Tom Norton, a former candidate, who lost to Peter Meijer in the 3rd Congressional District primary, but who also then went on to campaign for Meijer.

Norton says he re-launched his campaign the day after Meijer’s vote, saying that even though he had a personal relationship with Meijer, the vote to impeach was a violation of trust amongst the voters.

“Well I campaigned for Peter, but when Peter launched him campaign back in 2019, he said that we needed someone that would defend the President,” Norton said. “I think everybody can agree that was the campaign message, and they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars convincing voters of. And so when you walk into Congress and one of your very first votes is to impeach that same President, you are probably violating the trust of the voter.”

The Meijer campaign has declined to comment, but did issue a statement regarding the impeachment vote, which read in part,

This vote is not a victory. It isn’t a victory for my party, and it isn’t the victory the Democrats might think it is. I'm not sure it is a victory for our country. But today, my job is to apply my best judgment to the article of impeachment that is on the floor of the US Congress. With the facts at hand, I believe the article of impeachment to be accurate.”