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Muskegon health officials: Let us know if you want to be vaccinated, the wait could be long

COVID-19 vaccine photo
Courtesy cidrap.umn.edu

Muskegon County Health officials are encouraging persons 65-years and older to make an appointment to get vaccinated for the coronavirus, but the wait could be a while. Health departments in West Michigan have expressed frustration at the limited supply of COVID-19 vaccine, however the Muskegon County Health Department still wants older persons to virtually “raise their hands” if they want to get the first of two shots. 

People can express interest in receiving a vaccine through online registration forms in Muskegon and Ottawa Counties. Those who fill out the form will be contacted when a vaccination appointment is available for them, but here’s the kicker: 

It could be weeks before an appointment, as authorities say, there simply isn’t enough vaccine to go around for everyone who wants it, at least not yet. 

Kathy Moore is Muskegon County’s Public Health Director and held a virtual press conference Friday, where she stressed the importance of being patient while waiting for the vaccine.

Also eligible for the vaccine now are essential frontline workers, teachers, childcare workers and those in living facilities. 

Moore said the general population should expect the vaccine to be available to them by August.


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