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Historic day in Ottawa County as first vaccinations are underway



Ottawa County health officials are celebrating the long awaited arrival of the now FDA Pfizer COVID vaccine, as the department of public health begab administering the COVID-19 vaccine Friday morning at Grand Valley State University's Holland Campus F. The first dose is to be received by an EMS worker, while more than 200 doses are expected to be given on Friday, with hundreds to follow next week. 

Kristina Wieghmink is the Ottawa County Department of Public Health’s information officer. She says, there is finally a feeling of hope in the air, that West Michigan may have turned a corner when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have a lot of excitement it gives us very much encouragement that we have a light at the end of the tunnel,” Wieghmink said. “But we still have a ton of work to do yet. (But) It’s a very joyous time in history that we have accomplished this…so we can start vaccinating people and hopefully come to a near end of this pandemic.”

According to health officials, other frontline health care workers and residents of long-term care facilities will receive their vaccination from area hospitals and pharmacies. As supplies of the vaccine increase, those at lower risk will qualify.

Wieghmink says that while a historic day, it may be until March or April until the general public can get the vaccine, and therefore, everyone must remain focused on social distancing and wearing a mask in public.

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