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Traveling Over The Holidays? Skip The Social Media To Keep Your Home Safe

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Will your home be safe over the holidays if you decide to take a trip? 

We spoke with a local travel expert who has some answers.

“Whether you’re getting on a plane and there are 3M doing that next week or driving. It’s important to keep in mind, you don’t want everyone to know that your house is empty while you’re gone.”

Jo Anne Verboom is with Gagnon Travel.  And she’s sending out yet another warning this holiday season.  She says the good old days of just holding your paper are gone

“Years ago, we would recommend to people, hold your mail and stop your press delivery. But now it’s important for people to know not to publicize that fact that they’re home is empty.”

And yes, by publicize, she means social media.

“People take pix on the beach… you’re just letting people know your home is available to brek in.  there are studies that show, that crime stats show 80% of burglars admit to using Facebook and other social media to stalk prospective victims.”

Verboom also notes another study shows 54% of burglars shared that a posting status of FB let them know that a home was empty.

“So be smart, text your friends individually or group text w/you on the beach and don’t post until your home.”