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The Pandemic Doesn't Stop Degage' Ministeries From Hosting It's Christmas Store

Degage Ministries
Dégagé Ministries

Degage’ Ministries officials say the pandemic is not going to stop their annual “Christmas Store” for Heartside residents.   

“We are thrilled that Degage Ministries will be able to offer the annual Christmas Store this year, in spite of COVID 19.”

That’s Kristen Aidif, Event Manager at Degage’ Ministries.  She says they had to make some adjustments for social distancing and the like, due to COVID, but the show will go on.  Heartside residents will be able to shop for their loved ones this Christmas.

“We thought long and hard about the Christmas store and all the staff said we’ve got to find a way to make this happen.  And LaGrave stepped up to offer the venue.  West Michigan gave an outpouring of incredible gifts; we've got toys, we've got housewares, and tons of quilts."

Aidif tips her hat to the LaGrave Ave. Christian Reformed Church.  She says without them, it would have been difficult to move forward.

“And we’re so grateful to them, because we are not having volunteers in due to pandemic, if it weren’t for La Grave, we wouldn’t be able to have it this year. But we’re thrilled to be able to set up, we’ve volunteers working as we speak, putting gifts out and pricing them.”

One of the best things ab out the Christmas Store says Aidif, is that it allows Heartside residents, who may not have a lot of money to pick out some nice things.

“We want people to be able to shop with dignity. We want to offer a hand up versus just a hand out.  We’ve got a lot of incredible merchandise that has been donated by the gracious West Michigan community and it’s going to be priced from 25 cents up to 5 dollars.”

Aidif says the shopping experience will be COVID safe.  There will be social distancing, only so many let in at one time and wearing a mask will be required.  The Christmas Store was open on Wednesday and will be open once again Thursday, from noon until 7 pm.