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Whitmer: “Difficult” winter ahead before vaccine is ready


Governor Gretchen Whitmer said today that people should brace for a difficult December and January after Thanksgiving gatherings likely exposed more people to COVID-19.

Whitmer said the good news is several vaccines are well into testing and development. But it will probably be months before the vaccine becomes widely available.
The governor said a more immediate concern is controlling new infections – and she’s afraid infections could spike in December and January before a vaccine becomes widely available.

“It’s a reality that we will all benefit from in the coming months, but right now it’s a really dangerous moment.”

Whitmer said that’s because people are growing tired of restrictions – including the chance to get together during the winter holidays.
Whitmer said there’s no decision yet from the state Department of Health and Human Services on whether to continue the “pause’ on indoor restaurant dining and in-person high school and college classes.

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