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Pandemic leading more to go deer hunting


There’s been a surge in the number of deer hunting licenses sold this year, and it likely coincides with an increase in outdoor recreation during the pandemic. With the regular firearm season starting November 15th, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources reports a 17 percent increase in the number of deer hunting licenses sold so far. That seems to follow an increase in hunting and fishing in the state this year. It also reports a 27% increase for spring turkey hunters … and a 9% increase in fishing licenses. 

Ashley Autenrieth is a biologist with the Michigan DNR.

“If you look at who’s got the biggest hunter participation, Michigan is still in the top five. You’ve got Wisconsin, you’ve got Pennsylvania, you’ve got Texas ? those are some of your biggest players right there and they’re seeing very similar trends to what we are.”

But overall, deer hunting numbers in Michigan have been declining since the mid-90s.

Autenrieth says the increased numbers this year probably won’t reverse that trend