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New Way To Get Around: E-Scooters Now Available In Grand Rapids

pic of man and E-scooters
City of Grand Rapids

Around downtown Grand Rapids and beyond you’ve probably seen these small scooters in many arbitrary locations.  You may have even inquired how you get to use one.  The new E-Scooters are available to pick up and go.  Here’s more on the program and how it works.

”Really the goal is trying to provide as many options of transportation to serve as many people as possible.”  

Kristin Bennett is the Transportation and Engineering Projects Manager for the City of Grand Rapids. She says the city’s micro-mobility plans as well as its strategic plans include these new E-Scooters you may have seen around town.

“So, there’s about 300 scooters from our one vendor out, these are the standard stand on scooters, Spin is that vendor. We are working to get seated scooters and we’re hoping that’s by the end of October. Covid has put a bit of a crimp on production of these types of vehicles.”

The City of Grand Rapids and one of its micro-mobility partners Spin, have kicked of a pilot program for E Scooters.  The program includes a phased deployment of E-Scooters in a 12 square-mile area including downtown, neighborhoods and business districts. This pilot also serves 74 percent of underserved neighborhoods to evaluate how shared micro-mobility services can contribute to Grand Rapids transportation system.

Through the Spin App, riders can sign and view the map to find the nearest designated parking zone as well as access information on how to ride the scooters safely.  There are parking zones where residents can pick up and drop off their E Scooter.

“So,we’re actually as a city, planning on installing hundreds of designated parking zones, we have about 60 now. Frequently and conveniently within that 12 miles service area.”

If you’re wondering how much it is to grab a scooter and go, it’s one dollars to unlock it and then 15 cents per minute thereafter.

There are some reduced rates for low income residents, as well as non-smart phone options.

They’re also working on getting seated E scooters from another vendor.

This all came about when the City Commission approved 400-thousand dollars for an e-scooter and bike share program.

A second provider is expected to launch additional mobility options in the coming weeks.

Riders are encouraged to use helmets.  

If you’re interested in hopping on a scooter, Kristin says you can more info

At grandrapidsmi.gov/sharedmobility