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Freshman high school golfer gets hole-in-one on her very first swing

Golf Ball at pin
wikimedia commons

First high school match, first shot — hole in one. Stephanie Scott, a freshman at Otsego High School, aced hole No. 8 Monday at Lake Doster Golf Club. Scott that she couldn’t see what happened, but the reaction was swift.

“Her dad was standing by the green, and we had some other parents up there, and one of them hollered back, ‘It went in the hole!’” coach Matt Rayman said.

Scott, who started golfing at age 7, said she had never had a birdie or even a par. She finished the nine-hole round at 53.


“I don’t remember exactly what I did, but I think I just stood there. ... It feels really awesome,” she said of the hole-in-one.